The Hype

Fancy Dress based club in Angel, that also has an ‘indie bit’ upstairs for those for whom Bon Jovi three times in one night is too much.  There’s a meat pie giveaway halfway through the night and apparently Timmy Mallet played here once.

The Drink

Given CDF is basically a fancy dress version of Infernos, and based in Islington, you’d expect the drinks to be pricey, but thanks to the fact that the target audience is in part made up of students, it’s actually really reasonable.  I also don’t remember (!) queuing much for the bar, which is always a plus point.

The Fun                                                                                   

To start with, anywhere where the standard basis is at least 50% of people in fancy dress, even on non-theme nights, is always going to be a winner with me. The music is truly amazingly terrible (there’s actually a Spotify playlist) and you’ll definitely get plenty of Michael Jackson, S Club 7, Cher and obviously the Baywatch theme. You definitely don’t have to be in costume but it’s actively encouraged. There’s an absolutely amazing New Year Party and I bet Halloween is a winner.

Overall Experience

It’s not one for the Chelsea set, but there are very few clubs in London which have reasonably priced drinks, mega cheesy music, and some really non-touristy fun in a great location. It’s only £6.50 to get in if you book ahead, and you get to queue jump. It’s definitely not all students but you will probably feel old if you graduated more than 5 years ago.

Go there if….

Your fondest memories are still the club from your university town where everyone went after a fancy dress party and you cried post jaegerbombs whilst hugging and singing Never Forget at 3am.

Don’t go there if…

You have any serious opinions on music, are over 30 (in spirit),  are a hipster, think fancy dress should be tasteful or have any issues with your feet sticking to the floor in the bars you frequent.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

It’s actually hidden in the O2 Academy Islington so you basically have to queue inside a shopping centre to get in. You have to pay extra for entry into ‘Feeling Gloomy’ “the club night that plays sad songs you can dance to”

For more detail

It doesn’t make it on to many blogs but does get a mention in Hostelbookers top 10 best clubs in London.

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