The Hype

© Creative Commons - The Comedy Cafe 2010 courtesy of duncan on Flickr

© Creative Commons – The Comedy Cafe 2010 courtesy of duncan on Flickr

Cheap and cheerful east London comedy club, where you can have a drink whilst watching comedy on a kitsch mini stage. Set in the middle of Shoreditch but not even trying to be cool, and with none of the gloss of Comedy Store, but a focus on slightly kookier comedy and cocktails.

The Drink

Nice bar with wine by the bottle and good beer selection. The cocktail of the month is only £5 and it’s happy hour until 7 on the whole cocktail menu (and they are all really tasty, if not groundbreaking).

The Fun

Wednesday is open mic night, so you don’t have to pay to get in and the fact that the comedy is a bit more variable is actually part of the fun. Saturday is the biggest night of the week, but enjoyment does depend heavily on the specific comedians they get in which do vary massively. Last time I went the comedy was actually hilarious and really reflected the recent move to more focus on appealing to real comedy fans.

Overall Experience

Since the refurb this is a really great night. The upstairs bar and cabaret style makes for much better atmosphere and the comedy has notably improved – we were crying with laughter. They’ve also built in some excellently timed breaks that enable you to top up on drinks throughout, and have massively reduced the slightly tacky stag do vibe (although there’ll always be one that sneaks in!) The chance of you ending up engaged in some awkward audience participation is about 85%.

Go there if….

You fancy doing something a bit fun and different but don’t want to be constrained to a theatre seat for three hours with no access to a Margarita.

Don’t go there if…

You loved the old, psychadelic greasy food restaurant set up or will be genuinely upset if the comedy itself is a bit crap.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

Prince Abdi is a regular and, in my opinion, freaking hilarious. They’ve recently done it up to stop the flow of stag parties and split out the theatre from the restaurant which is both a good idea and a bit of a shame all at the same time.

This blog is part of a series on places I visited before I became katemeout and started obsessively taking pictures of everything. For that reason I am very grateful for the use of the photos attributed to others here to spruce it up a little.


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