The Hype

Much recommended, formerly bring-your-own vietnamese restaurant with a shoreditch outlet on ‘pho mile’ (kingsland road) famous for delicious food and a queue that’s normally around the block. There’s also one in Battersea and err, Wellingborough.

© Creative Commons – Mien Tay 2011 courtesy of Kake Pugh on Flickr

The Food

My beef pho was really good, but not mindblowing. The fresh vegetable rolls and tofu pomegranate salad were all apparently excellent, and the prawn stir fry and ginger scallops looked great. We had one course (plus prawn crackers) with 2 or 3 drinks of wine or beer each and it came to £16 a head, so good value, but probably not as good as its BYO days.

The Drink

Everyone in the world still thinks it’s bring your own and as I’ve mentioned it isn’t anymore. Friends will assure you it is. They are wrong. Be strong. With Tiger beer and a drinkable house white you can’t go far wrong anyway.

The Fun

You can only reserve for groups (we snuck in with a 6) otherwise the queue starts building from 7ish. Probably makes sense to aim early (we were heading to comedy cafe later) or go on a weekday. It’s fairly standard decor (nothing fancy) but pleasant nonetheless. The service was surprisingly good.

Overall Experience

It’s more of a ‘tasty quick food’ experience than a ‘settle in for the night with a bottle of wine for a catch up’ experience but on that basis I’ll definitely be going back. It was the kind of place I wished someone had recommended a certain dish for, as I got the impression there were some real treats on the menu if you knew where to look.

Go there if….

You like vietnamese food and you don’t know where to start with the myriad of vietnamese restaurants in the ‘ditch so are seeking a recommendation. Or you’re looking for a quick and guaranteed tasty bite in Battersea.

Don’t go there if…

You hate queuing, want something ‘high end’ (ie. with no pictures in the menu) or will want to settle in somewhere for the long haul (we were told when booking they needed our table back after an hour and a half).

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

The house speciality is a sharing seafood pot for the table (for 3-6) which you have to order in advance.

For more information

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  1. Great blog Kate, keep it up! Let me know if you want any more ideas of places to go – especially around the East and Mayfair, which is where I seem to spend most of my time these days…

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