The Hype

Popular, independent, reasonably priced french restaurant well located in Angel – highly popular with couples, to the extent they’ve had to open a second branch just a few doors down.

© Creative Commons – Le Mercury 2008 courtesy of Kake Pugh on Flickr

The Food

I could easily have ordered anything on the menu as it was all my favourites but we ended up with the lamb and the duck followed by a creme brulee and a poached pear. I love duck, and it was tasty, but superior gastrophiles would probably have found it overcooked. The creme brulee was yummy, the pear was a bit half hearted. That said, I had the impression of having had a really nice meal and my companion seemed pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the bill was.

The Drink

We had a good bottle of Merlot, and a post dinner amaretto. I was on a date so tradition dictated I didn’t peruse the wine list in detail but it looked to have a fair variety of both wines and prices without being one of those terrifying ‘wine tombs’ that you sometimes get in these places.

The Fun

You can’t fault the romantic atmosphere and we had a sweet candlelit table by the window, perfect for people watching. Our waitress was absolutely lovely and didn’t seem at all irritated that we had never made any decisions when she came over to take our orders. The toilets are a slight misnomer and are located so uncomfortably close to the kitchen that it feels a little bit like you’re crashing a private party when you go down there.

Overall Experience

Nice atmosphere, nice food, nice service, great location. I’d definitely go back.

Go there if….

You’re in that quandry of wanting somewhere nice to go for a date but struggling between not going somewhere intimidatingly fancy or cool, and having to settle for Strada.

Don’t go there if…

You’re a sports team on the lash (or any massive group to be honest), or have any mildly OCD members of your group who might object to the toilet/kitchen proximity…

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

There are only two sittings for dinner, 7pm or 9.15pm and you’ll really struggle if you don’t book.

For more information

See The Food I Eat, Normal in London and Little Spoon Eats


  1. Hi Kate, Will here. Great blog, I have been reading it with jealousy! I don’t go out nearly as much as I would like to these days for obvious reasons. Have you tried Bloody French Bistro in Notting Hill? It looks quite similar to some of the places that you are doing. Hope you’re well. No building updates I’m afraid. Will.

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