The Hype

Intimate basement jazz club restaurant with music seven nights a week and a members’ bar, hidden on Lots Road in Chelsea not far from Imperial Wharf overground station.

© Creative Commons, Paul Stacey band at 606 Club 2011 courtesy of wetwebwork on Flickr.

The Food

In fitting with the informal jazz setting, although the food is served on square plates it’s definitely not fine dining, but I’m not sure that matters. For a wintry Wednesday night, the combination of the cosy, underground candelit jazz den and a heartwarming wild boar sausage and mash was perfect and it was definitely at the good end of restaurant-done S&M.

The Drink

Worth noting that the members’ bar doesn’t stock spirits, but they do have a fair few beers and a good wine list. Our Malbec was delicious which did not particularly help with my halfhearted attempts not to drink too much on a school night!

The Fun

This is a serious jazz place. The owner/manager clearly loves music and the benefit of this is that he packs the place out with great music and is rightly firm about people in the main restaurant not talking during the sets. The quartet we saw were easy listening rather than earth-shatteringly good but that’s probably due to the fact that we went on ‘magic night’ so they were sharing the billing with Rajan, quite possibly the worst magician I’ve ever seen. My only complaint would be that I would have loved a dancefloor but I’m probably alone on that one and my in-seat-bop just about sufficed.

© Creative Commons, Emma Smith at 606 Club 2012 courtesy of yurri on Flickr.

Overall Experience

At £77 for food, wine and the cover charge (£8-£12) for both the jazz and the magic, it was great value for money. It’s a lovely chilled out alternative to simply going for dinner and it seems relatively easy to get a table if you book.

Go there if…

You fancy doing something a bit (but not too) different, like jazz and have a companion you know well enough to happily sit in silence with.

Don’t go there if…

You’re on a first date and want to get to know the person you’ve met, or hate the idea of ‘just sitting and listening to the music.’ Or Rajan’s on again.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

Apparently there’s a gospel choir vibe with Sunday lunch. Only members can turn up without a reservation so make sure you do book in advance. Bear in mind you can’t drink unless you eat at least a main.

For more information

Thoughts from Gwyneth Herbert and The Great Date Guide.

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