The Hype

Kooky Vauxhall ‘gay friendly’ (whatever that means) pub with a great quiz on Tuesdays.

© Creative Commons, Vauxhall Griffin 2011 courtesy of streatham mike on Flickr

The Food

Given the chilled out, as-far-away-from-a-gastropub-as-possible vibe that this place cultivates, I wasn’t expecting much from the food. The menu sounded surprisingly delicious – we ended up with a fish finger sandwich, burger, pie of the day and halloumi salad which were all solidly good pub grub. The specials also sounded and tasted great – a veggie pesto and mushroom lasagne and a roast beef and horseradish sandwich. The pie was undoubtedly the star of the show (and huge) and I will definitely be having it next time I go.

The Drink

For a small pub the bar has great variety, it’s clearly ‘a drinker’s pub’. I was particularly excited to see dandelion and burdock on offer which
is a personal favourite (although obviously on this occasion I was on a G&T to help lubricate the brain). They sell monster munch and retro sweets behind the bar, a nice change from the edgy flavoured parsnip crisp craze which seems to be sweeping the capital’s pubs.

The Fun

We usually go to (and love) the Fentiman Arms quiz around the corner, and this could not be more different. It’s a properly independent pub and the decor is mismatched and a bit kitsch (but not in that awful ‘we designed it this way’ way) and there’s about 100% fewer barbour jackets present. The quiz is *hard* and the regular teams are *hardcore*. Unlike 90% of London’s quizzes which come from the provider QUESTIONONE, the questions have been specially made up for the night by the griffin quiz master. You’ll be impressed by the questions even if you have no clue what the answer is, as some of them are really cleverly done. The only shame is that there’s no picture or music round as I do love a ditloid. It’s £2 per person entry, and the majority of the pot is won at the end based on a bonus question.

Overall Experience

Great quiz, in a ‘proper pub’ with good food. Luckily we’d booked a table (via Twitter) or we would have been standing, but having done so we were happily ensconsed in the corner for the night. It also doesn’t go on forever, which is sometimes an issue with quizzes.

Go there if…

You’re a proper pub quiz fan and want to make your brain hurt, or secretly find the Geronimo Inns pubs a bit too cleancut and glossy.

Don’t go there if…

You like to take a half hearted approach to the quiz if you do it and you get annoyed and give up if the answers are too hard.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

There’s a hilarious (but sincere I think) sign requesting ‘No Snogging’. There’s also a brilliantly helpful poster of the last tube times on one wall which I think everywhere should introduce.

For more information…

See Imperial Centre and The Evening Standard.

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