The Hype

© Creative Commons – Barrio Central 2010 courtesy of Yukino Miyazawa on Flickr

Fun cocktail bar with a full caravan in the middle which is used as a seating area, very popular for group gatherings . It bills itself as “a neighbourhood DJ bar that combines the spirit of community and collaboration with street culture from the ‘Ghetto Archipelago.’

The Drink

Really yummy cocktails and a menu with lots of variety but not pages of overwhelming choice.. My date inadvertantly ordered the girliest looking cocktail in history so gents may be advised to avoid the Ginger Colada.

The Fun

There’s a really great vibe about the place, although whether it is ‘Ghetto Archipelago’  I’m not sure. It warms up gradually from a starting point of quite busy casual cocktail drinking to full blown club crowded and isn’t huge so really big groups might struggle. The music is an unusual combo of cheese, hip hop, r & b and some 80s stuff I’d never heard of, but really fun.

Overall Experience

I can see why this place very popular for parties and it comes with a great every-day-of-the week happy hour that neatly segues into fun music and a late license on weekends till 3am. It’s one of those rare beasts that enables the party to start in a bar and end in a club without anyone having to move which is especially helpful if it’s cold or your group has hit that mid-twenties but actually a bit too middle aged for actual nightclubs point.

Go there if…

© Creative Commons – Barrio Central 2020 courtesy of Yukino Miyazawa on Flickr

You’re meeting someone for cocktails earlyish and want to take advantage of the brilliant happy hour, or fancy a bit of dancing but haven’t fully made up your mind that you want to go to a ‘club club’.

Don’t go there if…

Loud music in bars irritates you or you want to guarantee having a seat.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

You can book the caravan seating area in advance and they don’t mind you taking your own cake. Also there’s a sister bar Barrio Central, in Soho which is almost identical and also well worth a visit.

For more information

Reviews are thin on the ground but head over to The London Word and Societe Perrier for some thoughts.

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