The Hype

Mexican restaurant and bar competing with Infernos to be cheesiest late night music venue on Clapham high street.

The Food

I wouldn’t go here just for the food but if you want to meet early for drinks they do serve fairly edible Mexican dishes.

The Drink

The house Mojito is a must, and also fairly dangerous in large quantities. It’s cheap compared to other similar places but out-of-londoners will still raise an eyebrow.

The Fun

Like Club de Fromage, the music is absolutely brilliant if you’re a large group of uni friends re-living your youth with the aid of jaegerbombs, but probably not great for anyone else. The benefit of this place is that you can meet for an unsuspecting cocktail or bite to eat here earlier in the evening and just get carried along with the fun as slowly the tables are pushed back and the music volume increases. It’s open until 2am at weekends. At some point they start charging £5 entry and it’s likely that if you come late on a busy night you might face a little queue.

Overall Experience

Great, cheesy fun in a slightly less predatory environment than Infernos with better cocktails and a very slightly older crowd. The only downside is as it’s only restaurant sized it does get super busy at some point in the evening and there is no cloakroom.

Go there if…

You want to dance the night away to your favourite cheesy 90 hits (think as low as b*witched at points) but can’t convince friends to hit one of the big cheesy nightclubs.

Don’t go there if…

Overcrowding and battling at the bar for drinks gives you rage, you have an irrational hatred of the band 5ive, or prefer to hear songs in their entirety.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

The music is super cheesy, university nightclub style, but the quirk is that for some reason the DJ only plays one minute of each song…

For more information

See Burrito Radar and Putney Buzz.

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