The Hype

A celebration of the work that went into 8 epic Harry Potter films with hundreds of sets, thousands of props and even a full blown Hogsmeade and the Castle.

The Drink

They have real Butterbeer at the midpoint and it is well worth a try – I wasn’t disappointed.

The Fun

If you’re a HP fan, this will blow your mind. Nearly everyone visiting sits somewhere on the scale of fanaticism, and the tour guides aren’t far off either, but the experience would be impressive regardless. It is absolutely amazing how much work went into creating everything for all the films down to the tiniest detail, with very little done using special effects. There’s a chance to ride a broomstick and drive a Ford Anglia on a green screen which is worth doing, even if I am a probably bit too old to be fitted for a wizard’s cloak. There was so much to see I’d happily go back for a second visit and don’t think I’d be bored – and at £28 plus £4 for the iphone that guides you around with clips and videos from the cast (which is a must have) it is an absolute steal for what it is.

Overall Experience

They have done an amazing job of making this a slick operation, despite the huge amounts of people streaming in and out at all times. They know exactly what true Potter fans want and deliver it unashamedly. Worth noting that you have to book and you physically cannot buy tickets on the door. This is one of the best museums/tourist exhibitions I’ve ever been to, if not the best. Exceeds Expectations.

Go there if…

You think of the cactus plant in your kitchen as a Mimbelus Mimbeltonia and feel like “no one in the future will ever understand what it was like to wait for the next book.”

Don’t go there if…

You’re a muggle and you don’t even know what that means. Or you’re expecting a theme park.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

You can buy Hermione Grainger’s actual Yule Ball dress in the gift shop, for a highly reasonable £160. Make sure you have change for the bus from the station to the exhibition – a return ticket is £2.

For more information

See Come and Go By Bubble and Blonde in the City.


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