The Hype

“The most repulsive cake shop in the world” an unbelievable-on-paper concept where the talented bakers of London create shockingly accurate anatomically correct cakes and other baked goods, and display and sell them at the Pathology Museum. Think STI cupcakes, bowel cancer cookies and polycystic kidney cakes.

The Food

There’s a diverse range of different things on sale, from cupcakes, to full cakes, macaroons, cookies and chocolate. I didn’t taste anything, but that’s not really the point – the photos alone should speak for themselves in how unusual this cake shop is. My brother the medical student particularly loved the one healthy/one cancerous lung cake.

The Drink

You can get cocktails too, obviously themed to look like blood and other bodily fluids.

The Fun

This is the first year the event has had major press coverage and I was lucky to get a (free) advance entry ticket a couple of months before. It’s just so bloody weird (excuse the pun), but also really clever and I love anything where strangers come together and put in a ridiculous amount of effort for something that is not for any personal or commercial benefit, but ‘just because.’ Massive kudos to the Pathology Museum for allowing it to be held within the museum in a terrifying room with obscure medical specimens on the walls and to Miss Cakehead for organising the whole shebang, despite not being a baker herself.

Overall Experience

It’s free to go and browse, but make sure you take some cash so you can partake in some of the goodies. You won’t spend more than 20 minutes in there, but is definitely worth it for something a bit different on a cold and otherwise depressing Saturday afternoon. This year, I don’t think you really needed the advance ticket to get in, but now it’s had some coverage, it might be worth bagsy-ing one next year. It only happens annually for a three day period so get yourself on the brilliant curator Miss Cakehead’s twitter /mailing list now if you want to go next year.

Go there if…

You like cake, but you’re not too bothered about flowers and kittens, or you’re just really intrigued to see what baby vomit meringue looks like in real life.

Don’t go there if…

Seeing blood (even if it’s really icing) makes you feel faint, or you’re easily offended.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

If you look too closely, some of the exhibits on the walls are really quite disgusting. I started to feel queasy when I realised there were actual human body parts including whole heads and premature dissected babies contained in some of the jars – while over 100 years old, it’s still quite unsettling!

For more information

Great reviews and pictures from Tofufa, Arts in the Right Place, and Hanoian Snippets.


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