The Hype

By day, a popular food stall in Camden which sells a variety of ‘pimped’ versions of the classic mac’ n cheese. This is the second time they’ve done an evening “When Mac Met Cheese” pop up event at this cosy cocktail bar in north west London. 

The Food

The menu is a very basic list of three different macs, with the option to play around with some added ingredients such as bacon, chicken and cherry tomatoes. I had “Carlos the Cactus”, the jalapeno based version, and both of my companions had “Mum’s Classic” with the addition of bacon and broccoli respectively. All three were absolutely delicious, the best mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten (which for those who remember my recent MASH mac experience, is saying something) and we all raved about it – I don’t think I’ve ever seen my colleagues eat so fast. My side of coleslaw was light and refreshing and just what I needed to offset Carlos’s heat.

I was sad that no one tried the “Cheesy Green Afro”, with stilton and broccoli – but I have no doubt that it would have been excellent. All the M&C is £6 a portion, with £1 extra for chicken or bacon, which is great value in my eyes.

Final special mention must go to the only dessert on the menu – the deep fried Oreo. Whoever thought of it deserves a knighthood as, against all the odds, it’s delicious. At 4 for £3, it was the perfect portion for us to share to round off an excellent meal.

The Drink

In its stall incarnation, I assume there are no drinks, but as the pop up was in a cocktail bar it seemed churlish not to at least try one (/three). Fitting with the uber trendsome vibe of the bar, they obviously came served in jam jars (normal glasses are just not cool enough at the moment). The actual cocktails though, were amazing and at around £7 a pop we could happily have stayed drinking them all night. Cocktail of the night was the Shop Assistant, an unexpectedly excellent combination involving fresh raspberries and beer. The house white, at £17 was also very drinkable.

Overall Experience

This doesn’t happen often, and I couldn’t be more glad that it came onto my radar via a sneaky ‘take me out’ invitation on this site. Very cute bar, excellent cheesy, gooey, flavoursome mac’ and cheese and some of the best cocktails I’ve had in recent times – if it happens again I’ll be taking everyone I know. I promise the photos don’t do it justice.

Go there if…

Like me, you love macaroni and cheese and you don’t believe it can get any better than it’s original form (it can.) Or you simply don’t believe that a deep fried Oreo is possible.

Don’t go there if…

You don’t like mac’ and cheese, or you’re one of these people that thinks if you have to get on the overground to get there it’s not worth it.*

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

Carlos the Cactus is pretty hot even in standard ‘spicy’ form and they only take cash for the food so go prepared (or at least prepared to run back over the road to Sainsbury’s

For more information…

Stefanie Grace, London On The Inside, and Miss Manchu

*or, you know, just try the actual stall version in Camden market.


  1. Kate! You should have taken me! I’d have been all over the Stilton and Brocolli. You’d have had to fight me for the Oreos though 🙂

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