The Hype

From the gods behind Meat Liquor, come American style chicken wings in the ever trendy Brixton Village a few doors down from local favourite Franco Manca. It only opened last week, and alongside the rest of London’s foodies, I’d been literally counting down the days to try it.

The Food

For starters, the food looks so good that we literally felt like animals in a zoo because no one could walk past without stopping to look at what we were eating. The wings are huge, and the bright crunchy looking exterior on all of them is unbelievably appetising. We tried all three versions of the wings – Korean, Buffalo and Chicken Shop, accompanied by the fries, slaw and a portion of Hot Mess (a combination of chips, jalapenos, pickles, blue cheese and Buffalo hot sauce). I could have probably taken a bit more chicken versus skin ratio, but then I’m one of these uncouth people that usually prefers the breast.

The portions are absolutely huge for £4.50 each, and the crunchy, flavoured skins on all the wings were delicious. We each had a different ‘favourite’ of the chicken we ordered so I think there’d be something to everyone’s taste – the slaw was excellent and the chips were good enough but we all agreed the Hot Mess was  a bit disappointing so I’d go without it.

The Drink

There’s a small, but perfectly formed drinks menu consisting of a couple of beers, a couple of ciders, a couple of wines and a prosecco. The only cocktail on offer is a signature “Sour”, which you design yourself in three steps by picking a spirit, egg or no egg, and rocks or no rocks – which was apparently much tastier than it sounded when we ordered it. We tried both speciality ciders and they were nice, but I would have liked more choice on the cocktail front and maybe something more innovative on the soft drink side – coke floats anyone?

Overall Experience

It was a really tasty, really enjoyable meal. I loved the décor, and the staff were notably really friendly and helpful and couldn’t have done more – there was no sign of the behind the scenes stress and strain that must come with a recently opened venue as popular as this. There is absolutely no doubt that this is going to become one of Brixton Village’s hottest spots, so I’d get down there soon before the word spreads too far.

Go there if…

You crave proper, American, fried chicken wings, rather than the half-hearted soggy versions available throughout most of the UK, and you’re a fan of the new mini-trend for ‘gourmet fast food’ that seems to be taking over the capital.

Don’t go there if…

You’re on a date – this was the messiest eating I’ve ever done and there was absolutely nothing dignified about it.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

There are wet wipes on the table in cute Chinese takeaway style boxes, and a bucket in the middle for your discarded bones that gets replaced regularly, meaning you don’t end up in a chicken graveyard. There’s a huge upstairs bit, so you don’t need to worry as much as you usually do in Brixton Village about not being able to get a space for larger parties.

For more information…

As always, Wilkes888 is great. Also check out Brixton Blog and The Thrifty Project.

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