The Hype

High quality ingredients meet burger van fried chicken in Hackney. Reviews of their speciality buttermilk fried chicken served in a bun had me excited enough to make a lunchtime dash with clients in tow, just to visit their mid week residency at KERB London, a new street food hub conveniently hidden just behind King’s Cross Station in the former home of Eat Street.

The Food

Yum. The house special is crunchy, spicy, fried chicken, with some kind of exciting asian slaw, in a burger bun. I don’t know what the buttermilk does to the chicken, but I like it. They helpfully recommend you add the hot sauce to the burger, because I imagine it wouldn’t be spicy enough for many heat seekers without – but packed just the right amount of zing for me.

Obviously, I also opted for a side of mac n cheese (the two together coming in at £8, or just £6 for the bun alone) which was a tad disappointing. The portion was huge, but it didn’t have any of the more-ish, cheesy, gooey salty quality of a really good mac’ n cheese. That’s not to say it’s not good, just not up there with the big guns of the M&C world – I’d stick to their signature chicken bun thing and die happy.

Overall Experience

The lunchtime queue speaks for itself, the staff are friendly and they clearly love making delicious food that people enjoy eating. It’s not pretty to eat but it does taste good, and if I was back at Kerb I’d really struggle not to go back and will have to force myself to try something different this Thursday.

Go there if…

You’re a fried chicken fan, it’s lunchtime and you’re in King’s Cross and fancy something just really bloody tasty.

Don’t go there if…

You’re a vegetarian, or you’re in too much of a rush to handle a little lunchtime queue.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

They have an option for you to buy the whole menu for £9. No really. It’s the closest you’ll ever feel in real life to being Ritchie Rich.

For more information…

Head on over to London Review of Sandwiches and A Question of Taste

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