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Kings Cross based street food hub that usually operates at lunchtime (you may remember my trip to Spit Roast there a couple of weeks ago), transformed for one night only into a foodie christmas party with the addition of music, fairy lights and mulled wine. During the week the stalls rotate days, but for this, most of the big names were in attendance.

The Foodkimchisign

There’s no chance you could just go and eat one thing and with so many ‘places I’ve been desperate to try’ handily located in one location, I took full advantage. I ate (in order, and don’t judge me):

BocafaceSpanish style street food, we ordered the set of 3 tapas to share. It was good but definitely wasn’t the best food we tasted during the evening, although special mention must go to the deliciously authentic Chorizo Bocadillo. I will note at this point that I neither like Spanish food, tapas nor sharing so I’m probably not objective on this one.fleischmob

RainboAsian food served from a ford pickup truck, we had the mixed homemade gyoza (dumplings)  in pork & pickled ginger,  tofu & shitake and chicken & coriander, and they were absolutely delicious. We nearly went back for seconds (but in hindsight it was a good job we didn’t).

Kimchi CultFor my ‘main’ I opted for foodie favourite Kimchi Cult to see what all the fuss was about. The cheeseburger with their unique chipotle kimchi dressing was really tasty. It may not be up there with the burger legends (Lucky Chip, Honest Burger, Tommi’s) but I have been dreaming about that crunchy, spicy dressing ever since. If, like me, you don’t have a clue what kimchi is, (21)

Anna Mae’s
Regular readers will know I have a soft spot (/obsession) with mac n’ cheese so this vintage caravan serving pimped up M&C was my obvious choice for a side dish. It was a solidly good mac, but probably suffered from coming too soon after my recent showstopper version at When Mac Met Cheese so didn’t blow me away. That said, the menu was really good, and you could play around with different ingredients to make your perfect combo – I went for the Annie Mac, a classic in a three cheese sauce, with extra tomato salsa.

Poppy’s Kitchen
Finally, I headed over to Poppy’s Kitchen where the cakes looked *literally* mouth-wateringly good. I plumped for the Rum Baba, a hot steamed goo-ey pudding which then has rum cleverly injected into it in front of you using a medical syringe.anna maesIt was easily one of the best desserts I’d ever eaten and, while I didn’t think I’d even manage a taste of such a heavy pudding after everything else, I easily polished off the whole thing…including the extra syringe of rum that comes with it…

The Drinkboca2

Many of the stalls were offering their own signature cocktail, as well as the standard bar offer. We opted for the “Kaiserpunch”, a strong Austrian mulled wine from Fleishmob which was not only delicious but just £5 for two hot, festive cups ie. a freaking steal.

Overall Experience

rumbabapoppyskitchenThere was an amazing buzz about the event, provided in part by the abundance of lovely festive mulled drinks, in part by the twinkly lights and trendy music and clever location hidden away under a canopy, and mainly by the combination of some of London’s best street food and a literal army of committed eaters (I’ve never seen so many people taking so many pictures of food…). The music wasn’t really to our taste and it was *cold* but the table and chairs set up was very cute and we happily ate and drank ourselves into oblivion whilst still making it home for bed be
fore 10.

Go there if…

You want a real taste of the London street food scene and enjoy the buzz of a proper food festival that you don’t really get from the Good Food Show.

Don’t go there if…

You’d rather have knives and forks and tablecloths, or you don’t love food enough to get a little bit messy and a little bit chilly.

For more information…photo (39)

This was an unusual evening event but you can find a selection of these vendors every lunchtime at KERB located just behind Kings Cross station or the new Kerb Moorgate – most of them also rotate around the wider London street food scene.

For a detailed review, with far better pictures than mine, check out t’other foodie KateA Southern Belle In – who I was lucky enough to meet in person at this very event.


  1. You and your namesake (A Southern Belle In) are making me really envious now. I still haven’t been to KERB and this is just making it worse! Meant to go last week during the day but ended up setting off too late…

    It all looks lovely…

    Keep up the good work!

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