The Hype20121204_210325

British comfort food on the Wandsworth side of Clapham Junction, famous for brunch, burgers and stocking Brewdog IPA.*

The Food

I opted for a signature BC burger, everyone else went for steak and nearly all also went for a side of mac ‘n’ cheese (obviously) which is one of the more delicious ones I’ve had in my recent mac-binge and the standard inclusion of bacon in it was excellent – the portion was also huge for a side. We were all slightly tipsy so were going to be no-ones greatest critics, but the burgers went down very easily (if quite messily, in some cases, ahem). The chips were also surprisingly good.

20121204_210438The Drink

It’s 2-4-1 cocktails on a Tuesday and the list looked exciting – as it was we plumped for a nice bottle of red. We were all impressed with the wine list which, rather than pretentiously stressing us out because we don’t know enough about wine to order, helpfully classed the wines into categories that you could choose from easily. We went for something from the ‘smooth’ range.

Overall Experience

I was lucky that I’d actually won our mains free on twitter, so we were all able to have our meals, wine to share and a side each for just £13. The  service was really friendly and there was a nice buzz about the place – even though it was a random Tuesday night. We didn’t feel hassled for our table or endless drinks and we only got mildly mocked for our mass M&C order. The décor was a bit ‘trying hard to be mismatched’ but, I secretly quite like that. It’s definitely not the best restaurant in that part of London but it was very pleasant way to kill an evening and I imagine the weekend brunch vibe is fun.

Go there if…20121204_210311

You want a chilled out, unpretentious and easy meal with friends before heading out for drinks – or you are craving comfort food on a hangover.

Don’t go there if…

You’re in the mood for high-end dining and the thought of trekking 10 minutes up a hill into Wandsworth for anything less than mind-blowing is too much for you.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

The back of the menu also has a handy Food Matches wheel.

For more information….

Worth a look at Burger Anarchy, Elitist Review, and London on the Inside.

*(And Allpress Coffee, but that quite fit my alliteration).


  1. Ben’s canteen is like school dinners one big mess on your tin plate yes tin plate whats that all about.this place is not cheap we had breakfast on a sat morn £10 plus extra for tea/coffee toast it was served up in one big pile what a mess .i dont mind paying for good food but we felt riped off never again £28 in cold blood cheaper in the south of france

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