The HypeLambeth-20121130-00285

Apparently a concept recently seen on the Apprentice, Dinnr are trying to “bring cooking back into your life”. You can order as late as 3pm on the date you want to make dinner and they’ll deliver a little bag with the exact amount of ingredients you need to your office or home, and a step by step recipe card to help you make a full meal.

The Food

The recipes are all things you probably wouldn’t think of going out and getting the ingredients for on a casual Tuesday night, but actually aren’t that hard to do if someone has already measured out all the ingredients for you and tells you exactly how to do it!

We went for the crusted rack of lamb with roast vegetables and bulgar wheat which they give a four out of five for difficulty. It was actually really delicious, and although we were initially concerned about the amount of food, the portions turned out to be quite generous (although we still had room for pudding!). It definitely made a nice change from the stock dishes you get into a habit of making for ease.

The FunLambeth-20121201-00286

There are lots of great things about this concept – ingredients for two people come in at £12 – £25 including delivery (ours was one of the more expensive), which while might initially seem steep, if you think about all of the times you end up buying six different pots of herbs for one recipe and wasting half a bag of vegetables because you don’t cook often enough to use them, it actually seems quite reasonable. There’s absolutely no waste at all, which is really appealing – even down to the precise amount of garlic cloves separated out and tiny pouches of pre-measured spices.

It’s also more than just a bag of ingredients – it was a fun activity following the step by step instructions and was nice to have a night in cooking but that felt like a bit more of an event, perfect for taking the awkwardness out of a date. We are both quite foodie but I don’t think anyone would have struggled with the instructions and it doesn’t require any fancy kitchen equipment. We had a great night!

Overall ExperienceLambeth-20121201-00287

As a busy person, who enjoys cooking, but never gets time and frequently finds herself inviting people over for dinner, forgetting, and fobbing them off with some pesto pasta, this concept was literally made for me – I would not hesitate to do it again.

They also provide a wine recommendation and a recommended play list (!) and in our case a little candle with a couple of chocolates which was a nice touch!

Go there Try this if

You love cooking, feel frustrated that you never have time to try cooking anything new, you have multiple nearly new pots of saffron in your cupboard from the last three times you decided to ‘cook something properly’ or have just remembered you’ve got someone coming round for dinner later that you want to impress without too much fuss!Lambeth-20121201-00288

Don’t go there try this if…

You hate cooking, don’t like following strict recipes, have endless time on your hands or pride yourself on being able to cook dinner for 8 for under £5 by stalking the reduced items aisle after work. Or you err…don’t live or work in London. Soz.

If you’re pretending to have been there tried this don’t forget to mention….

After I tried it, they started offering starters and desserts so now you can really impress, and if you post a picture of you cooking the food on Facebook in these early days you get a discount off your second order. They are currently doing a “christmas feast” version for £50. Oh and the code KateMeOut should enable you to add £5 credit to your account, so you could get your first order for as little as £7!Lambeth-20121201-00289

For more information…

I think I’m the first review! But worth checking out the facebook page.Lambeth-20121201-00290

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