The Hype20121214_220149

Deluxe diner’ for grown ups (they don’t allow children) serving classic British and apparently also Russian comfort food in elegant dining car style surroundings with old school service. It’s most famous for the “push for champagne” buttons which can be found in every booth. It’s been open since 2008 but has somehow slipped under my radar until recently.

The Food20121214_230202

This restaurant came at the start of my festive gastronomic food orgy including Hakkasan, Gordon Ramsay at Claridges and House of Wolf  and yet, turned out to be the best food I ate all weekend.

A companion and I shared the Beef Wellington for two (£39), which was huge, perfectly pink and delicious. The rest of our party both had the Chicken, Mushroom and Champagne pie – which looked far too big for one but was apparently so light to eat that neither struggled to finish. I opted for a side of the mac n cheese (of course) which was OK, but a touch too mustardy for my taste (something which happens quite a bit in fancier places). The mash was apparently good (both sides c. £6).

The Drink

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

We obviously couldn’t resist utilising the push for champagne button (it’s just too tempting to have a button on your table, we probably would have pushed for anything) but plumped for the more reasonable option of Prosecco (£38). It’s just as fun as it sounds and the prosecco was tasty – if a little on the sweet side.

Overall experience20121214_230028

We went late (post theatre) but we had a lovely time and it didn’t feel at all like the food or service was ‘winding down’ as it sometimes can. Great food, great atmosphere, great service and we all left thinking about the next time we could make an excuse to go.  It’s not cheap, but I’ve spent a lot more for far inferior evenings in bigger name ‘more on trend’ establishments.  It’s open until three am, and opens at 7am for breakfast, so you can try it out at pretty much any time of day.      

Go there if..20121214_230218

You like British classics done well, you want an environment with wow factor and you’re not averse to a bit of fizz.

Don’t go there if…

The idea of pie, chicken kiev and macaroni cheese sitting side by side on a menu with champagne and caviar is too weird for you.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention

The vegetarian section of the menu actually offers Humble Pie…so if you ever find yourself needing to eat it….

For more information..20121214_220504

See Gastrogeek, Eats Treats & Leaves, Vintage Macaroon, In Good Taste, An American in London, and The Happiness Project.  



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