The Hype

Traditional German “Bierkeller” in Borough with “lashings of Bavarian bier”, authentic dishes (with plenty of sausages of course) live music at weekends and occasionally punters in Lederhosen.

The Foodphoto 3 (3)

The menu is as expected from the theme of the place, with endless wurst, schnitzel and sauerkraut all featuring. It’s definitely not somewhere you should go just for the food but it’s edible and better than a lot of standard pub grub you get these days – some of the sausages are really quite good. I was particularly excited to discover a Makkaroni Mecklenburg on the menu, the Bavarian take on macaroni cheese made with a smoked German Cheese – which was again not amazing but good enough to happily line the stomach when you’re drinking by the litre. I will say the chips are a bit half-hearted and the portion sizes do seem to fluctuate in busy periods.

The Drink

Courtesy of katzenjammers.co.uk

Courtesy of katzenjammers.co.uk

The reason you go here is for the Bavarian beer hall vibe, so there really is no choice other than to order a stein (or expect a confused look from the barmaid). I don’t usually drink beer ever, but even I’m a massive fan of the Rosarda, a Belgian fruit bier made with summer berries that’s available on tap. Real beer fans will enjoy the Weissbier and the Oktoberfest bier. The litre steins do really make you drink more though, so there’s always a fairly jolly atmosphere in this place!

The Funphoto 1 (3)

On Friday (the only night you can’t book a table) and Saturday nights there is live music from Oom Pah Brass or Hosen Brass bands respectively. I was there for the latter and was really impressed by the fact that they are a brass brand doing covers of the current chart hits (or “oom pop”) – great if you’re there with a big group. The only shame is the live band doesn’t stay on really late, so get there at dinner time to make the most of it.

Overall experience

It’s always packed, but you can book a table, even if you’re a large group so it’s easy to organise a night out here. The combination of the beer, food and traditional (but not old fashioned) music makes for something quite fun and it’s nice to have an alternative to just ‘meeting down the pub’ on those nights when you’re not in the market for a massive night out.

Go there if…photo 2 (3)

There’s a few of you, you’ve got a frankfurter craving and you like bier (or at least the girly fruit version).

Don’t go there if…

You want a nice quiet location for a drink.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention

If you just want a bar snack, the giant fresh pretzels come on what can only be described as a mug tree.

For more information..

Wennie’s Affairs, Pub Diaries and Grumbling Gourmet.

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