The HypeFile0127

Fun looking Marylebone branch of this London chain of lebanese cafés offering “a little touch of the souk” in central London. We were looking for a quick and tasty Friday lunch club and I’d been wanting to try it for a while due to its brightly coloured and idiosyncratic looking interior.

The FoodFile0129

I’m a massive fan of Lebanese food and this place has a big menu with a lot of my favourites on including hot and cold mixed mezze platters, kofte and baklava. It is a touch muddled – I don’t personally think tagines belong on a Lebanese menu and they do dominate here (colleagues who had been before also said the tagine options were disappointing). Instead, we opted for the more authentic ‘wrap platter’ options in lamb and chicken, which each come with a big fresh salad and a healthy mound of really yummy houmous. The portions are very generous – the wraps particularly are HUGE.

The FunFile0128

I love the décor in this place – it’s very bright and colourful and not really at all like a souk  but very fresh and there is a big counter full of colourful salads and cakes, some middle eastern style knick knacks for sale hanging on the walls. It’s very chilled – there’s brightly coloured plastic seating, and the cutlery is in retro cans on tables. The service is very quick, so perfect for a midweek lunch.

Overall experienceFile0133

It’s probably not the best Lebanese food you can get in London but it’s slim pickings since Fahkreldine closed to be honest, and with good wraps at those prices and in good locations, you can do a lot worse for a quick, tasty lunchtime bite.

Go there if…

You’re in that Bond Street region and all the hot spots in that area (Meat Liquor, Tommi’s Burger etc) have their usual round the block queues but you want something a bit more exciting than pret.

Don’t go there if…File0139

You’re not too lazy to make the stroll to Roti Chai a couple of streets away.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

The apple, cucumber and mint juice is fresh and tasty and a great hangover cure.

For more information…

Tiki Chris, Eating up London, laissez fare.

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