The Hype20130421_123910

Located on the 40th floor of the Heron tower in the city, with sweeping views of London, sitting on top of sister restaurant Sushi Samba – Duck and Waffle was one of the most hyped restaurant openings of late 2012.

The Food

The most important thing you need to know is that you must order the pigs ears. They are little flavour miracles that lie somewhere between a frazzle and a pork scratching on the pig flavoured-snack spectrum and come served in an uber trendy brown paper bag with wax seal. If it wouldn’t be completely socially unacceptable, I’d make another reservation, order a few bags and sit alone, cramming them into my mouth and wallowing in self disgust.20130421_123807

We were there at brunch time so the rest of the food was inevitably egg based. I had the pancetta and wild mushroom omelette (blame Dr Atkins) which was tasty but not the most exciting thing I’ve ever eaten. My date had “steak and eggs benedict” which is actually made with ox cheek and went down well. My mum had the winning order with the eggs en cocotte – eggs baked with wild mushrooms, gruyere and truffle, which looked brilliant and apparently tasted really good. Everything on the menu costs about a tenner.

The Drink

Despite a slightly confusing breakfast “libations” menu, the “All about Mary” (a fancy Bloody Mary) hit the spot, as did my Mimosa. When we moved into the bar area, the barmen impressively said we could order anything we wanted that wasn’t on the menu and happily furnished us with a couple good quality Kir Royales.

The Fun20130421_124145

With floor to ceiling windows and being so high up, wherever you sit you will get a fantastic view and it’s quite fun picking out famous landmarks, or your own house – a bit like having breakfast in a giant stationary London-eye pod. Some of the more interesting views are from the areas they’re using as bars, which I think is a bit of a waste (although probably makes sense during the week when there are some city types around to make use of the bars)– but we had a drink afterwards on the side facing Westminster so we managed to get the best of both worlds.

Overall Experience

The food isn’t mind-blowing – it’s just solidly tasty brunch food, but then, it’s not really the food you come here for and until you start drinking it’s not prohibitively expensive.  It’s a brilliant venue and definitely somewhere to take a visitor to London (both myself and my date have now separately taken our mums here) or impress a girl “the morning after the night before”. They also do dinner and Sunday roasts, but I can’t help feeling the view would be wasted at night – we were lucky to go on a rare British blue sky day and it made a huge difference.

Go there if…20130421_12420220130421_124151

You want to show off London and have something nice to eat at the same time.

Don’t go there if…

You have acrophobia. Or hyalophobia come to think of it.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention

There’s a pretty cool outdoor terrace bar with nice seating and heaters on sushi samba below, and D&W customers are welcome to head down there before or after eating for a drink (would be especially nice on a date). Oh, and it’s open 24 hours a day if you find yourself hungry after a night out and a kebab won’t cut it.

For more information…

See London Piggy Che Che Mui, Lisa Eats World, Fill my boots and for something a bit different: Yugnich Eats.


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