The Hypeimage (3)

High end Thai restaurant (with branches in Doha and Bangkok) based in a bit of a food black spot near Victoria station, behind Buckingham Palace. My date for the evening lives nearby and reported hit and miss experiences previously, but we were drawn to give it another shot by a special spring offer ‘Taste of Thailand’ set menu.

The Foodmango tree menu

Across all five courses, I would say the food could be summed up as really enjoyable, but not necessarily memorable. The starter courses were a real highlight for me, with a little plate of canapé style tasters followed by a delicious chicken thigh with chilli sauce. I had the chicken version of the coconut soup as I’m not a huge fan of fish, which had an amazing flavour but I think if I’d eaten the whole bowl of the coconut cream I would have struggled with the rest of the meal as it was quite rich. I thought a chocolate brownie for dessert would be a bit much, but it was quite light and the bright green vanilla ice cream definitely deserves its own mention!

The Drinkimage

I started the evening with a cocktail in the bar – a “Swedish flag” which was designed to look like…a Swedish flag. It was champagne based, and delicious, and the photos don’t really do it justice. The reasonableness of the set menu deal, gave us (well, my date, as we all know I like to avoid reading the wine list if possible) some leeway to try a nicer bottle than we might usually go for and we had two really nice whites including a pouilly fumé (2008, chateau de tracy, loire, for those who are interested)

The Fun

The restaurant is quite big and low lit and the typical customers were more business diners than dates – probably due to the location. I can imagine it being too noisy or bustley for some people, but tucked away in a romantic corner we were perfectly happy and had a great evening. For a weeknight dinner, there’s something quite nice about not even looking at a menu, and a parade of unexpected dishes just appearing in front of you as a little surprise every time.image (4)

Overall Experience 

It’s never going to be popular with the food critics, and maybe when it comes to the big a la carte menu quality can vary, but this was one of the nicest meals, and dates I’ve had all year and £28 for five courses was incredibly well-priced. It is worth noting that both the cocktails and wine list are in line with the higher end a la carte menu prices, so despite the great value set menu offers they regularly do, it’s not a cheap date.

Go there if…

You’re looking for an easy, weekday dinner or date venue near Victoria and you can get a special offer (as well as the seasonal set menus they do 50% off on top table quite regularly and I think they’re part of tastecard)

Don’t go there if…image (5)

It’s too special an occasion to run the risk of them having an ‘off night’.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention

One of the chicken curries comes served in an actual pineapple, which is exactly my kind of 70s kitsch food presentation style.

For more information…

Testament to the variable experience of bloggers, a wide divergence in opinion from:          South Moulton St. Starving, Food I Fancy, Louble, Gaztronomy, and Savour this Flavour.


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