The Hype20130329_134149

Critics favourite in the current London burger wars – one of the pop-up turned permanent, fancy fast food, do-one-and-do-it-well restaurants sweeping the capital. For those who have missed it – all across London talented chefs are currently battling to create the burger that tastes the most like McDonalds – but using the highest quality ingredients. And, never has a burger been so hyped and so adored as the latest offering from Patty & Bun.

The Food

All of the burgers have wacky names – the famous offering being the Ari Gold, but supporting acts including the Lambshank Redemption and the Hot Chic Chicken burger.  As it happened, on the day we went there was a special on called the “Ron Jeremy” – which we both opted for. It was chilli based, and had quite a kick to it, but the most important thing about it was that it tasted amazing. The care that had gone into selecting the meat, the bun, the relishes, and maintaining a burger that you could still pick up (albeit not that gracefully) in two hands and take a proper bite out of, was evident. It came very close to rivalling my most favourite London burger, from Lucky Chip, and I’d have to give both another go to call it once and for all (well, if I must…). We also had the fries, slaw and wings – I loved the slaw and was fairly agnostic towards the rest, but that’s probably just because the burger was so damn good.

The Drink20130329_143408

It’s not designed to be a formal dining destination so don’t expect a wine list. There’s plenty of soft drinks on offer, some beers and I had the house special “Rum & Ting” which was actually so delicious that it sparked me to drunk rum and various mixers for about a week afterwards in the hope that I could recreate the flavour (I failed.)

The Fun

It’s a small venue that can only seat 30, so be aware that you’ll probably have to queue regardless of the time of day until the hype (caused by blogs like this…ahem) dies down a bit. That said, we didn’t wait long and if worst comes to the worst MeatLiquor is only just around the corner.

Overall Experience20130329_143546

Given the level of hype, I can’t believe that I still managed to be impressed. The queue went quickly, the food was fast and tasty, and I’ve never been happier to have burger juice running freely down my chin (dress, hands, wrists….). We spent about £15 each including an alcoholic drink, which is not bad at all (although not quite Ronald prices). Highly recommended.

Go there if…

You want to get your hands on one of the best burgers in London.

Don’t go there if…

You hate messy eating. The woman said she’d never seen anyone use as many napkins as me, but even for a neat-freak these burgers would be a challenge.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention

Dessert is a peanut butter choc ice – an unbelievably exciting fact which I forgot in the aftermath of stuffing my face on the rest of the menu and have never quite recovered from.

For more information…

See my favourite burger blogs Burger Me, Burgerac, and Burger Addict.

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