The Hype20130527_130512

Chelsea outpost of the Gloucestershire farm shop stocking a mouth-watering array of vegetables, meats, cheese and anything else you might need a wholesome, organic, locally produced version of. In addition to the shop, there’s an impressive café menu and after happening upon it on a sunny day in desperate search of breakfast, it sounded perfect.

The Food20130527_132725

In the breakfast line there’s a range of toast type things “baked fresh on our farm this morning” and a range of dishes made with freshly laid eggs from, I imagine, ecstatically happy hens. I opted for the poached eggs with spinach and my date opted for the eggs royale and we had a side of wedges to share. The wedges were really good, and apparently so was the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed by mine – it was just OK. It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that the toast was strangely dry and strong and my knife trendy, but completely blunt so it took me about ten minutes to secure each bite (I do however acknowledge that this is a fairly niche complaint).

The Drink20130527_133518

They have a really good range of juices, organic sparkling drinks and nice coffee.  The Bloody Mary was a touch disappointing – it seemed to be more focused on the high quality of the tomato juice than all the other elements that go into making the classic cocktail really tasty.

The Fun

We sat outside in the sunshine and it was really lovely – there are lots of little touches like herb boxes on each table that really add to the experience. The dining room upstairs looked very welcoming and it also seemed very child friendly. The service was mixed – we had one absolutely lovely waiter, and a couple of completely incompetent ones. My date was not particularly impressed when they brought the wrong food order and then, came back to the table to ask “are you sure you didn’t just say the wrong thing? I can’t see how we would have got it wrong?”.

The shop however is absolutely lovely and I will definitely be going back next time I need some tasty things for a picnic.

Go there if…20130527_133522

You really care where your food comes from…

Don’t go there if…

Your hangover is screaming out for salt and additives

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

They even do a range of organic pet food, complete with a dog “parking space” outside.

For more information

See Ethical Hedonist, Visit Britain Nordic, Sasstainable and Fine Dining Lovers.

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