The Hype   20130329_213021

Pop up turned permanent soho steak restaurant. Set apart from the rest of the steakhouse breed on two counts:– low prices are meant to be the draw at just £10 for the flat iron steak itself, and the décor is more stripped back warehouse than typical cowhide and glossy granite.

The Food

Starting with the steak itself – it’s a cheap cut (otherwise known as the featherblade), but incredibly flavoursome – far more so than the last steak we had in that part of the world which was about 4 times the price. The starter popcorn was a nice touch, and we also had the spinach, aubergine and fries (all around £3) and a couple of the sauces. The chips were good, and the sides were OK but not mind-blowing – I’d go back for the meat though, especially at that price!

The Drink20130329_212947

Everyone knows I love a non-intimidating wine list and this one was right up my street, with a short list of wines with “wine choice by numbers” names like Fruity Merlot and Easy Chardonnay. They’re all pretty inexpensive and since the meat was so reasonable, we plumped for the most expensive red at £36 – the “Big Fat Malbec” or something similar…

The Fun

This is no reservations, so go on a night when you’re in no rush and can happily have a few drinks while you wait. It’s a small restaurant, so you’ll probably be sharing a table – my date and I found the two dates either side of us to be a great addition to the entertainment though (especially the guy who was clearly on a first date and hadn’t eaten meat for six years – there’s literally nothing else on the menu). It’s a trendy venue, with romantic low-lighting but really un-intimidating which is quite nice – I wouldn’t have felt out of place in jeans which is rare in central London.

Overall experience20130329_212024

If you supplement your £10 steak with all the sides and the priciest red wine, it won’t be a cheap night out (I think we ended up spending £80 for the two of us with no starter, dessert or cocktails). That said, it has a great vibe and tasty meat, and it’s rare to find somewhere that’s not a chain, but serves good food, and doesn’t break the bank so it’s worth keeping in mind.

Go there if20130329_211832

You want an unpretentious soho Saturday night but your date expects more than a burger…

Don’t go there if…

You’re craving a proper steak…

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention..

The steak knives are actually miniature meat cleavers, my date really wanted to steal one. (He didn’t)

For more information…

Picky Glutton, Fork of the Town, Thunder on the Town and Boymestizo

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