THE HYPE20130707_131136

Until now relatively unremarkable and unbeknown British grill in the heart of the city, recently catching the eye of foodie bargain hunters with the new “neverending Sunday lunch” which comes with unlimited prosecco.

THE FOOD20130707_131126

There’s nothing too jazzy or experimental about this menu – thank god. For me, the Sunday roast is not a meal to be diced with. My date had the smoked salmon starter which looked really enticing and the waitress came with a whole platter of copper cauldrons with different accompaniments and sauces to the table. I had the caesar salad, again not original, but refreshing and a good execution of a classic with a perfect soft boiled egg on the side.

The roast itself was incredible. I had mountains of perfectly pink beef, topped with a huge Yorkshire pudding, my date had the same with lamb. Then dishes started arriving at the table, seemingly never-ending – crispy roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, carrots, spinach, roast beetroot…a generous pot of gravy. Heaven.

I wish I had had space for dessert because it looked great, but after approximately half a cow and around three bottles of bubbles, I had to admit defeat.

THE DRINK20130707_133530

It’s *unlimited* prosecco and it’s actually quite nice stuff. What more do you need to know? They take it seriously too – I don’t think I ever took more than one sip without my glass being topped up. They also do a mean jug of pimms.

THE FUN20130707_133534

This is a hidden gem in the city – the inside felt a bit dark for me (it’s inside the Old Bengal Warehouse), but on a cold winter’s day I don’t think that would be the case. Outside, we sat in a glorious courtyard and it felt like we were really spoiling ourselves as the service and restaurant has a high-end feel which I wasn’t expecting based on the special offer. They have huge wicker sofas at one end of the garden, and some people had booked to sit out and watch Wimbledon while eating – a brilliant idea!

OVERALL EXPERIENCE20130707_133743(0)

It was a glorious day, delicious, plentiful food, excellent service and, did I, err, mention the unlimited prosecco? It’s two courses for £23.50 or 3 courses for £28.50 and you can add the free-flowing fizz whilst you dine for an additional £10. I was genuinely surprised by the quality (and quantity) of the food, this isn’t a bog standard Sunday lunch and it’s a freaking bargain. It was perfect for a birthday lunch date and I’m planning to go back on Sunday with my parents.

GO THERE IF…20130707_131131

You’re craving hair of the dog and a bloody good roast dinner.


You think you might have a drinking problem. This will only compound it.


Incongruously, they offer a full range of classic board games inside, which makes it an appealing Sunday option even after it becomes too cold for the courtyard.


See The Critical Couple, London Unattached and Who’s Jack, but please note the prices quoted in these blogs are out of date – the pricing scheme was changed early on, predictably, after everyone managed to drink far too much!


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