The Hype20130904_185635

Following an excellent evening at Smiths of Smithfield a few months ago, I was delighted to be invited for the launch night of its new four storey sibling, SMITHS Spitalfields in September – located in a trendy location within Spitalfields market.

The Fun

With exposed brickwork galore, an outdoor terrace within the covered market area itself, and a very different crowd to the city types over at Smithfield, this place has a much younger buzz about it than Smiths Snr. Interestingly, the two food floors are sandwiched here by a trendy loft dining room specially designed for big private dinners (ideal for a 30th, or similar) – and a basement that’s a cocktail bar with live jazz. I’d fully expect the ground floor ‘all day café’ to morph into a bar on Friday and Saturday nights too.

The Food20130904_191447

On this visit we stuck to the food from the ground floor ‘all day café’ where we were treated to tasters of the menu in miniature form. The highlights were the absolutely adorable miniature eggs Florentine made with quails eggs, and a refreshing duck salad in a lettuce leaf. The fishdog was a bit bready for me and I’d be slightly more worried about the beef burger– although it was tasty enough, London’s burger wars have really raised expectations – especially at somewhere with a meat heritage like Smiths – and I’m not sure it can hold its own.

The Drink20130904_194540

I really liked the ground floor bar – it’s a nice touch that they’ve got their own brand of beer, and it was good prosecco. Down in the basement, the bar staff are proper cocktail experts, and we had two delicious gin cocktails in the dark and buzzy jazz den.

Overall experience20130904_194149

It was a fun evening, and nice to be able to experience all the different ‘layers’ of food and drink on offer. It doesn’t do it justice to imagine that this is just ‘another Smith’s of Smithfield’s’ – as apart from the excellent quality of the meat and the four storeys, this is a very different animal.  I’d go to (the other) Smiths for a fancy dinner on a special occasion, and I’d come here for a big birthday dinner with options for dancing later on.

Go here if…20130904_192325

You want a date that could equally turn from a beer to dinner or beer to dancing….

Don’t go here if…

You want a chilled bite.  You want a fancy meal. You want a cocktail bar. You want an outdoor drink. You want a tasty steak. Err, sorry, I can’t think of one, it does everything.

If you’re pretending to have been here don’t forget to mention…20130904_185603

Instead of giving away little books of matches, they give away little pouches of spring onion seeds (SOS – see what they did there?) – perfect for my green fingered date.

For more information

Check out The London Social Eat, Simon’s Jam Jar and The Pho Diaries,

I was delighted to be a guest of Smiths and Kitchmedia at this event. Many thanks for the invitation, and apologies for the lateness of the review!