The Hype20130809_184836

Trendy Clerkenwell all day diner, from the people behind uber-cool but highly regarded venues Milk and Honey, Redhook and The Player. I initially booked based on rumours that they were serving up my favourite burger from Lucky Chip (which I otherwise have to make pilgrimage to Hackney for). By the time I got there I was devastated to discover they’d switched it for the Rotary burger from the east London pop up of the same name.

The Food

The menu is based around “balls” (mainly meat, before you get excited.) There’s also a full slider menu (that’s ‘miniature burgers’ for those of you that aren’t w*nky foodies). We started with the crostini selection to share and the arancini balls (deep fried risotto) which were both very good. This was predictably followed by burgers all round, and I was delighted to discover that, despite the Lucky Chip disappointment, the Rotary burger is absolutely fantastic. Meaty, cheesy, squishy, and incredibly more-ish. Definitely one of the best burgers I’ve eaten in London.20130809_202746

For dessert, we opted for the signature baked alaska, and on the recommendation of our waitress the ‘Blondie’ to share. The baked alaska is set alight at the table adding drama to the evening. Unfortunately it was very unpleasant tasting – just raw, whipped egg whites it seemed- and we couldn’t eat more than a mouthful each and had to send it back (which given the wait, see below, was irritating). On the upside the blondie was absolutely yummy, so the waitress saved the day.

The Drink20130809_203123

We had some great cocktails – an aperol spritz and then something blue (but delicious) before moving onto a reasonably priced Prosecco and some beers. They also do a ‘design your own’ Negroni tic-tac-toe game which is quite fun.

The Fun20130809_182430

It was a warm evening and we sat outside, drinking, eating delicious food and watching the Clerkenwell world go by so we were very happy. However, it was very busy and this did have quite an impact on the service – we waited nearly an hour for dessert despite repeatedly chasing it and on a number of occasions had to ask once or twice for a bottle of beer to finally make it to the table.

Overall experience

Brilliant burger, very cool restaurant, shame about the slowness of the service and pudding. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re in that part of town. They do a great sounding brunch menu too which I’m sure is worth a try.

Go there if…

You’re a burger fiend and you like to be able to book.

Don’t go there if…20130809_203118

You’re settling in for a night of drinking. We managed to work up an impressive bill for what was meant to be three burgers.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

There is no robot.

For more information

See the Pescetonian, Burger Me and How not to do a food blog.

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