The Hype20130913_202824

On hearing that I used to be part of a proper steak club (you can call me 18 ounce Kate if you like) my date declared Russian-owned Goodman to be the best steak restaurant in London and suggested that we try it as soon as possible. Armed with a new job to celebrate (and, critically, to help fund the outing), I made reservations at the City branch for a Friday night.

The Food20130913_200649

We kicked of with some excellent starters – my date had the traditional Russian sweet herring, a dish he’d been craving from a previous taster in Poland. I had a refreshing tomato, stilton, onion and balsamic salad – something I’d definitely recreate at home but with a touch less blue cheese.20130913_202944

After a useful consultation with a very knowledgeable waiter, we opted for a large bone-in Tbone for the main event. Despite assurances on the quantity, when it appeared, we were both concerned it wouldn’t be enough meat for our appetites. Luckily as always, I’d massively over ordered on the sides: spinach and gruyere (yummy), hand cut chips (a bit wan looking but fine), most importantly, mac’ n cheese (very disappointing, far too mustardy and runny). The meat itself was incredibly tasty, cooked perfectly and, as it turned out, more than enough for the two of us. If I was being critical, I would probably question whether it had quite the same lip-smacking flavoursome taste as the meat at the Hawksmoor or even Smiths.

The Drink20130913_202940

The wine list is a touch eccentric (if only by the excessive use of exclamation marks) and includes many more USA wines that you might usually expect – although that fits well with the style of the restaurant. We had a couple of glasses of white, followed by a very nice Argentinian Malbec (A Lisa , £55). Don’t panic though – they have quite a few around the £28-£30 price point, and at the other end of the spectrum, larger bottles all the way up to Jeroboam size.

Overall experience20130913_200642

I really liked down to earth, elegant styling of the venue. With lots of dark wood, brown leather and cosy booths, it felt like a proper American steak house, and unlike some steak restaurants in London, didn’t seem to be trying to justify the prices with unnecessarily excessive décor. Our waiter was incredibly helpful and friendly and we weren’t pressured at all to leave despite it being very busy. There’s too much amazing steak in London for me to declare this faultless, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to spend an evening here (if you’re not on a budget…).

Go here if…20130913_202951

Your date hates white tablecloths but loves great steak.

Don’t go here if…

You just want a light snack.

If you’re pretending to have been there don’t forget to mention…

They have one of those enomatic machines meaning you can have nicer wine by the glass than usual.

For more information…

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