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The Hype On hearing that I used to be part of a proper steak club (you can call me 18 ounce Kate if you like) my date declared Russian-owned Goodman to be the best steak restaurant in London and suggested that we try it as soon as possible. Armed with a new job to celebrate … Continue reading


The Hype Following an excellent evening at Smiths of Smithfield a few months ago, I was delighted to be invited for the launch night of its new four storey sibling, SMITHS Spitalfields in September – located in a trendy location within Spitalfields market. The Fun With exposed brickwork galore, an outdoor terrace within the covered … Continue reading


The Hype   Pop up turned permanent soho steak restaurant. Set apart from the rest of the steakhouse breed on two counts:– low prices are meant to be the draw at just £10 for the flat iron steak itself, and the décor is more stripped back warehouse than typical cowhide and glossy granite. The Food Starting … Continue reading


The Hype Fanciest floor of the impressive looking four-storey restaurant, nestled in the heart of the historic Smithfield market, I first visited in 2008 to celebrate getting my first graduate job (pre-katemeout days) and still have cravings for the crackling on that pork belly five years later.  When I was recently invited to a ‘showcase’ of … Continue reading


The Hype Relatively unknown (except amongst steak fiends) pair of family-run scottish steakhouses in Putney and Olympia. The vibe is no frills, and the menu is unbelievably basic: you can order whatever you like as long as it’s steak, chips, salad and red wine. The Food I have never encountered a menu in any restaurant … Continue reading


The Hype Recently opened MASH (standing for Modern American Steakhouse, not the potato variety) in the former Regent Palace Hotel building on Brewer Street, is the first of its kind to open outside in London. In fact, it’s not American at all, but Danish originally, and this is the first ever international branch. It’s the … Continue reading